About Us

We're the girls next door - literally! We are two girls... who live next door to each other. We have known each other for the majority of our lives. It all started on Nicola's birthday when she was 5 and Debbie was 3. Debbie had just moved into the house next door and she curiously peered over the fence. We have been inseparable ever since and we became family straight away. We have only lived a fraction of our lives yet we have created some of the greatest memories. Some include being pre-teen entrepreneurs and building a business in our garden shed and making £20 profit from selling handmade bracelets (Lord Sugar eat your heart out!). To being superstars and putting on shows for our families on New Years Eve. This very embarrassingly included making up dance routines to 'Dirty Pop'. Yes, N*SYNC is our guilty pleasure!
We’ve reached a point in both our lives where we want to do something different, challenging and fun. So, we decided blogging would be the next step. We are both passionate about fashion and beauty and so our main focus for this blog will be just that. Our blogs will update you on current trends, designers, the best beauty must haves and the crazy world of fashion! We won't claim to be professionals but we do spend the majority of our time researching into this lala land and we would love to share this with you...

Welcome to The Girls Next Door. No initiation necessary.

Nicola & Debbie

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